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Projects by Other Artists
Links to show off all the wonderful Tabistry works shared by others.

Original works:

Lina made her senior prom dress out of tabs.

Jessica and her boyfriend made a warrior outfits for Halloween.

Joani made her man an awesome coif.

Joani also made a clever and useful Market Bag.

Rob shares two 100% recycled aluminum warrior woman outfits with us.

Ev crafted up not one, but THREE epic mermaid costumes for a show!

Check out some of K. Dianne's tabistry crown and other jewelry pieces at

Works based off of my patterns:

(crafterella, oohmybees on craftster) based on my turkish vest pattern. More pics can be seen on her blog at:

my daughter's six year old cousin's first attempt at a tabistry flower (with a little help from her mom) based on my flower favor pattern.

With a little help Beth made a corset for her daughter based on my pirate corset.

If you would like to have your own creations displayed here, just send me images or a link to my email posted in my profile. Please include a little info about yourself and/or a brief description about your piece.

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