Friday, July 31, 2009

Underbust Update

I just wanted to take a second to post an update on my progress with the "underbust" corset and cabaret bra. I'm working on them simultaneously. The progress pics aren't much to look at. But, you'll get an idea of how they will turn out when finished.

The corset prototype is just about finished. I will be making two versions. One with and one without the cups. This image shows cups, but they are easily removed. Have a couple things left to correct. I need to lower the bust line and alter the cups a bit more like the bra for better comfort.

underbust progress
It's kind of Frankenstein-ish at this point with all the different colored shoelaces and all. I was using scraps. The sides are a colorful ducky print I had.

The bra has been altered slightly, especially in the cups, since this photo, but this version will have crisscrossed back straps. I will eventually make a version that goes all the way around with hooks or laces.

cabaret bra in progress

I'm still on the fence about what colors to use on the final pieces. I have a pile of black t-shirts I might use for the bra, but I'm thinking I will use some burgundy fleece for the corset.


  1. Gorgeous, just gorgeous. I can't wait to see the final pieces!

  2. Wow, I'm really impressed with the "cups" they look like they would really hold the "girls" up. Will you have patterns for different cups sizes or is that a bit much to ask :D

  3. Thanks, Jaenelle and Crafterella.

    I would say the cups definitely hold the "girls" up. In fact,these stand on there own! Hehe

    It's fairly simple to resize the cups. I had a hard time getting it right, at first. If I could find out how standard cups were sized it would help a lot. :)


  4. I hope this help with the cup size problem.

  5. Thank you, thank you, Jaenelle. That first link is immensely helpful! Should take a lot of the guess work out. In theory, I've got the "B" cup down and should just have to add an inch (two tabs) to the width and possibly a row to each size up. That's great!