Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beth's Pirate Corset

While busy at faire and trying to finish up some new things I've been working on, I started posting a lot of different artist's works made with tabs and adding them to a gallery page. You folks have sent so many amazing pics of some really unique pieces that I just had to share them with everyone! Keep them coming! I would like to keep featuring new artists on a weekly basis if possible.

This week I'm featuring Beth's (daughter's) pirate corset:

This is a Beth's daughter modeling her new garb. Beth wanted to make her daughter a pirate corset like mine. So, awhile back we arranged a swap for the pattern. I also helped her start the front panels and she did a great job continuing the rest. She also made the black skirt and her lovely and talented daughter made the red crocheted hat she is wearing. Beth tells me her daughter loved how the corset turned out and got lots of compliments at faire. Yay!

Here are some more pics of the front and back:

She chose to use my original pattern with a little resizing but with the contrasting red back panels where mine just wraps around from the sides in black. I think the back panels really make it look more interesting and finished.

For her end of the swap, together they crocheted my daughter and me some wonderful items, which I have been so rude not to share pics of until now.

Beth made this gray hat and scarf set and the most adorable stuffed Koala bear amigurumi:

And, her daughter made this orange hat:

The pom pom tops were added by us. My daughter was insisting they both needed the poms. I just happened to have a yarn that was close enough to the last one. She wore the orange one to "Hat Day" at school in October.

Thanks so much for swapping with us, Beth. We'd love to do it again, soon!

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