Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Up and Running with a Little Change of Plans

I created a discussion group. But, after discussing this with a few others around me, I decided against Yahoo groups mostly due to the inability the post comments on pictures. I've decided that Facebook might be a more common ground for everyone. It also has more useful features and probably more users than many other hosts.

Tabistry Group

Sorry, if any of you don't approve. I may move this to another site or just start another in the distant future, so keep me informed of your opinions as we start this.

Now, start sharing all you fantastic projects and ideas! We now have a place for everyone to share!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Possible Tabistry Discussion Group??

Want to share tips on weaving patterns?
Need help getting started?
Need suggestions on how to create a custom piece?
Short on supplies and need more?

If anyone is interested in having a group to share progress and new techniques for tabistry, I'm thinking of starting one. It would be a great place to share supplies. I know many people would like to help by sending tabs to those who need them. I, myself, have many styles of tabs that I rarely use that I'd be happy to share.

I'm still on the fence about what host to use for this. So, please contact me if you have a preference. At the moment I'm considering or Yahoo Groups. I've never moderated a group before. If you know of a better place, by all means let me know. Just want to make it convenient for everyone.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tribal-style Tabistry Armband

I've been experimenting with different weaves and came up with one that is perfect for jewelry. It's a bit tricky at first, but looks nice as a armband.



This was a revised version of what I posted that my daughter made for teacher a while back. I used the same brass brad fastener in the middle to change the direction of the tabs. Later I added a dangly tassel from the strings with some silver wash beads and bent tabs to resemble cowrie shells that you find on tribal armbands and hair falls. The pendant was just something I happened upon at a local dollar store.

I think it turned out surprising nice. However, it would be better if I made a second matching one for the other arm. I've got other tribal inspired items in my brain that need to be brought to life. I may work on some hair falls with the same bent tabs and beads and I'd like to design a headdress somehow for my Halloween costume.

If you don't hear from me before then, have a great St. Patty's Day!!

Skull n' Crossbone Necklace

Last month I made my mom a simple skull/crossbone necklace to wear to a goth themed party we attended.

skull necklace

skull necklace

Sorry, it has taken so long to post. But, it took me awhile to find a suitable pendant to put on it permanently to go with her pirate garb for faire. That is, until a few days ago when we found her a nice piratey pendant at a local thrift store. I had to cut the large center tab to add the pendant. I wrapped the cut with black electrical tape and covered that with black string so the pendant and black beads wouldn't fall off. I also wrapped some string and wire around the two other larger tabs for something different.

The tabs are woven together with a skull shoelace I purchased in a lot at a flea market. It's a bit stiff. However, I thought is was kinda cool that the skulls are spaced just perfectly to show up between the tabs. I must make a belt with these laces!

BTW, I did spray paint the black tabs. Though, you can find black tabs on many cans of the coffee variety, I think. I don't recommend spray paint on tabs that will get frequent wear. THey scratch very easily.

Until next time, happy tabbin'!