Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mom's Bodice for Faire

NEW PIC from TRF!!

Can Tab Crown Hat and Bodice

At this point, I'm experimenting with more challenging projects. I found a local short-lived suppler of tabs and WAS rolling in them for awhile. Muhahaha! So, I started mom's bodice/corset. We wanted inexpensive, not so h/a outfits for the Scarby 2008 renaissance faire here in Texas.

Can Tab Crown Hat and Bodice

can tab corset front

can tab corset back

A close up of the hat after a few changes.

Can Tab Crown Hat

Here is a pic of the last fitting showing the straps.

can tab corset in process

I still plan to add some extra paintstick boning to straighten out the front. But, overall she was very pleased and comfortable at the faire.


Here is the post about TRF:

Post for the shoes:


Breakdown of costs:

Can Tabs = FREE
Jewels with rims on Hat = $2 ($1 per pack of 6 jewels at hobby storeclearance)
Gold shoelace on Hat= 30 cents a pair (eBay lot)
Lt. Green Leather Cord Lacing = $8 ($4 a cord at hobby store)
Yarn trim on Hat and Bodice = $2.50 (on clearance)
Nylon cord braided into yarn = 50 cents (clearance)
Dk Green Fleece = $1 ($3/yd.)
Green Scarf on shoulders = ? (I've had it forever)
White sheer shirt = ? (Mom's closet)
Dk Green Overskirt = $1 (Thrift store fabric)
Lt Green Slip Dress = $10 (Marshalls clearance)
Total = $25


  1. Wow! Interesting work!
    I found this site at random today and felt the need to comment. I`ve been working with tabs, making basic corsets and costumes, since 2003 but never attempted anything so grand as your work.

  2. Wow! I've never heared of this!! that is so cool!!! I agree with jessica. I just found this site. amazing! Nadia

  3. Thanks, Nadia. Don't forget to checkout the newer tabistry stuff. I'll be posting some brand new items soon.


  4. omg i also just found this site on a hunt for inspiration for my high school's trash-ion (trash fashion) parade. Your seriously amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thnks, anon! I enjoy hearing things like this. I'm glad to have inspired you.