Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stay Tab Tabbed Stays!* ;)

I've made revisions to these stays.  Go here to see the results.


Say that five times fast!  Haha!  (Oh dear.  Is my geek showing?!)

Been working on a new Corset/Bodice design. This one is inspired by the triangular-shaped Rococo, or late Baroque style Bodices from the 18th century.  It has straps and "tabs" all around the bottom edge.

While I was writing up the corset tutorial, I realized I was missing this important style that I'd really wanted to attempt.  So, conveniently, I decided to remedy this just in time for faire last weekend.  :)  I still have some changes I would like to make to it.

For one, I started adding a "V" pattern about a third of the way up. I need to fix the lower portion, and I want to make the front longer anyway. And, I'd like to  change the back and make the straps permanently attached there. I'm also thinking of adding something like "waist tape" to strengthen the waist of the corset and maybe some "stays", or a busk in front.
* If the title of this post has confused you, I'll explain. If it wasn't ironic enough to have a tabbed corset made of tabs, you might be interested in another nerdy bit. These corsets were once referred to as "stays" (used plural) due to the boning. AND, the modern type of can tab I used are referred to as "stay tabs" because they stay on the can unlike the older "zip tops". So, technically these would be Tabbed Stays made with Stay Tabs!  :)   I'll post this corset again when I get the changes made.  But, hopefully not before the corset tutorial is finished and up.  Until then, be can-TAB-ulous!!

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  1. Hi Tiffany! Love your design and am wondering if you are sharing any directions or sell any patterns? Would really like the pattern for this "V" patterned corset, is there a way for me to get it? Please let me know, as soon as possible. There are a couple other patterns I would like as well. Thank You So Much Tiffany, Tammy