Monday, November 16, 2009

Rob's Can Tab Cupid

At least she reminds me of a cupid in the first photo above. The comfort of this two piece warrior woman set is in question, but it sure is a lovely and unique outfit.

Here are some other designs, too.

Rob Emery's warrior woman designs are created out of 100% recycled aluminum. Not only are the tabs aluminum, but aluminum strips from used cans were used to weave the tabs together. Outstanding job! Using all aluminum really makes the tabs shine. When asked about the story of these outfits, this was part of the reply:

"I got into the habit of collecting tabs for a friend's school's charity but when they stopped collecting the habit stuck. Eventually I thought, maybe I could make some chainmail out of that. I tried a few iterations with tabs alone and with aluminum wire but didn't like the look - plus I was keen to make them without any other materials..." - Rob

Using nothing but aluminum must really have been a challenge! Kudos for the successful execution. Though, I pray this one never gets re-recycled!

"...I have one more suit not published yet (looking for the right model still). I am also working on a male armour suit now, with a shirt (sleeveless hauberk) and maybe pants (or at least shorts and greaves) too, though I'll have to get creative to make some knees that can bend more than a few dozen times.
" - Rob

Good luck with the future projects Rob! I really hope you find your solution for the knees. We're looking forward to seeing your results. Thanks for sharing!


After viewing the portfolio website where these images are displayed, Rob appears to be an extremely multi-talented artist being able to draw, sculpt, and make costumes and props equally well (and is gifted at photography, too!) To see other nontabistry works, stroll over to for a peek.

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