Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Joani's Coif and Market Bag

Time to share some more tabistry created by another amazingly creative artist. This one blew me away when I saw it. Joani was inspired by my hat tutorial to create this awesome coif for her man.

She got the fit so perfect. I'm very impressed! But, not only did she manage that, she also designed her own "Market Bag" for carrying her reusable grocery bags. What a clever idea! Looks pretty cool, too.

She is so sweet to boot. She left me some really kind feedback on Etsy.com, and also commented:

"This is by far the easiest method I've tried for creating things with tabs and the results are great. Your blog inspires me to try new ideas." - Joani

I blush. I'm glad I was able to inpsire her to give it a try. Her creativity is wonderful! I asked her a few other questions, which she graciously took some time to answer for us.

>What inspired you to try tabistry?

"I've tried making things out of can tabs before (crocheted belts & purses). It was hard to crochet. I've tried linking them with chainmail rings. I've tried cutting and bending them. Your method looked much easier (and it was!)." - Joani

>How long did your project take?

"4 evenings to make the market bag (3 or 4 hours each night) and about the same for the coif." - Joani

>Approximately how many tabs went into making your project?

"The market bag took about 2500 tabs. The coif took 2352 tabs. We already had the tabs, so the projects were fairly inexpensive. The coif used about a yard of grey t-shirt material ($5). The market bag we used a spool of black ribbon yarn we got at the dollar store, so that was only $1. :)" - Joani

>Will you be making any future tabistry projects?

"Definitely. I'm going to make some more market bags, and might try some more of your other patterns. I am thinking of making a roman gladiator costume for next Halloween." - Joani

>I'm truly amazed at how wonderful the coif turned out. The bag is great, too. Have you used it out shopping, yet?

"We take it with us every time we go. I use it to carry other reusable bags. We get lots of comments about it, especially when they realize what it's made of." - Joani

That's really cool! Can't wait to she the gladiator next year. Congrats, Joani, on the CANTABULOUS tabistry! And, thank you deeply for the generous testimonial.

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