Friday, May 6, 2011

Pop Tab Hair Falls

Got inspired the other day to finish a pop tab hair fall, that I started probably a year ago. I tried a few different ways to string the tabs. Most are bent in some way.

So far, they are still cumbersome to weave. Though, this could be due to my yarn choice, too. I'm still experimenting with it.

I'm working on another fall in yet another variation that is a little easier. It's just about completed. Just need to add some decor to spruce it up. I took some WIP pics of it, so a future tutorial may be available in my Etsy store soon. I'll post it when it's finished. In the meantime, my daughter and I also made some hair falls using pistachio shells.

We had dyed some with our left over Easter egg dye. It was a fun project. You can read more about that on my general craft blog,

In other news, I'm still pounding away on the other tabistry tutorials. I just can't get the pics right to show what I'd like. It doesn't help that I have to practically create a new piece to get them. :) But, I will have something. Sorry it's taking so long. For me, it's much easier to create things than tell how it's done. Thanks for all your patience.


  1. Wow neat idea! How do you put them in? :)

  2. There are many ways to put in hair falls. There is a small loop at the top. You can braid them individually into your hair. Or, attach the loop to a barrette. But, since I wear mine normally in groups when in costume for only a day, I like to slide them all onto a string or hair elastic and tie them on around buns or ponytails.

    There are also many great videos and other instructions online for ideas. Just sear "How to install hair falls" or "dread falls"