Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Been a Dread-fully Long Time...

... since I've shared a tabistry project.  But, don't fear.  I haven't thrown in the tabs.  Just a little behind sharing projects.  In fact, here is my 2nd attemtp at a full-sized top hat.  My 1st large top hat can be found here and a mini one here

This pic is kinda creepy, huh?  As you'll see, I took the shots on a styrofoam head, so I thought I'd spruce up a couple in photoshop.  :)  

I've been playing with a slightly different tabistry approach this time around.  Instead of weaving the entire crown in one piece, I wove vertical pieces with black fleece that were then joined together with a dark gray fleece.  This actually took somewhat longer, but I like the subtle stripe effect.


Unlike the first top hat, this one is round on top instead of oval-shaped.  I put a bit of flare in the top by making the top larger than the crown and increasing the number of tabs in the top rows of the crown.


The hatband was an old chain belt my sis found 2nd hand for us (Thanks sis!).  The dreads were a last minute add on that were clipped into the inside of the hat using small inexpensive lanyard hooks.  There are a couple of dreads on each hook made with mostly acrylic yarn.  I think I'll make a few more to fill it in more.  Mr. Sam wore it with the dreads around the campground at the Texas Renaissance Festival for Steampunk Invasion on Pirate Weekend.  It was really strange seeing him in long hair.  :)

I'm working on getting some more can/bottle goggles finished, and I'd like to make some other larger projects.  But, wrapping up some unfinished tutorials is going to have to come first, I think.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Hat for the Ball

So, what HAVE I been doing as far as tabistry goes lately? Well, I made a quick small hat for the Sky Commodore's Autumn Masquerade Ball a weekend ago.

Finally a hat to match my blue/tan corset.  Yep, another hat!  I'd been pondering what style of hat would look nice with it.  As I mention on my general craft blog (, most of this outfit was stuff I'd already made or found like the corset and underskirts, but I managed to make the new tabistry hat to match my corset and a gold overskirt and sleeves.  And, I pinned the straps from the corset as a decoration on the skirt.

The hat is small and was pretty easy to get made in time.  I finished it in under two days.  :)  More than I can say for the overskirt, which I'm still not happy with.  But, alas, that is a story for my other blog.  I used a gold shoelace attached to the inside to tie and keep the hat on my head.

Since this was a masquerade ball, I was going to make a new mask to match my corset, but I decided to just wear my old one instead.  I think I wore it all of one song before taking the mask off anyway.  I just don't like having things on my face.  Here it was just before it came off for good that night.

I'm working on some other costuming and stuff.  And, I try to work on the tutorials whenever I have spare time, so new tabistry projects just aren't getting done right now.  Among other things, I would like to get another top hat made, and I'm trying to start a new corset for a fairy costume.  We'll see if it gets out of my head and into the world.  Until then, be Can-TAB-ulous!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Beer Goggles and a Tabistry Top Hat

As I mention on my general craft blog, we just got back from attending the Nightmare Machine Paranormal Steampunk Convention in Jefferson Texas. It was organized by the Steampunk Illumination Society. I heard they were having a silent auction to raise money for the nonprofit organization and their plans to fund acquiring a building to host events, so I offered up a tabistry top hat and some "beer goggles" to help the cause.

The top hat was an experiment. I plan to make one for a friend of ours in the near future, but wanted to get the shape right before making his. I think it turned out pretty close to what I wanted, except that I found I need to make it a wee bit larger.

The goggles were really fun to put together. I tried to use mostly parts from cans on them. The eye pieces are, of course, can tops from Miller Lite. I liked the gold tops to go with the gold rivets I had.

I punched out the mouth opening to see through and put in lenses made of green plastic bottle that is held in with the bottom of the can.

All of this is riveted to the leather sides. I used a wide can tab to attach the strap to the sides. It worked perfectly.

Then, I used another can tab and a short piece of wire to make the buckle in back. Most of the leather was scrap from my mans leather hats.

Above is a close up of the can tab buckle. I got a little bit of shoe polish on the buckle, as you can see. But it rubs off of aluminum pretty easy.

They did really well at the auction. Though we auctioned them separately, they both got to stay together when they went home with some new friends we met while there that came over from Shreveport Louisiana. Great family. I hope the hat and goggles provide as much enjoyment for them as they were for me in making them. Besides making two more possible top hats, I plan to experiment on the goggle idea again in the future, as well.

BTW, I also made a quick monocle out of an aluminum bottle. I talk about that more on my general crafting blog ( Thanks for stoppin' in!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

We're Keeping Tabs on Our Cans

Over in our facebook Tabistry group we've been doing a bit of research into documenting can tab types and what they come on. This should help us in discussions and trading. When I first started sorting tabs that I got from our recycler and others, I was surprised at all the different shapes, sizes, and color available that I'd never seen before. Just having the tab, it was impossible to know where they came from. So, I put together a chart of the tabs I have come across. And, we're in the process of identifying some of the mystery tabs.

Click the image for a larger view. There are larger individual pics of each tab in the group album here. I tried to group them in a useful way. I'm still working on the coding labels, so they may change in future versions, but we have a good start.

Also, I really want to thank Heather for all her help. She's been identifying many mystery tabs and getting out and taking pics of the cans she finds with interesting tabs. Everyone's contributions are much appreciated.

Come check the group out and keep "tabs" on our progress!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Whipped up a quick 4-leaf clover ribbon based on my can tab favors. It was created to help someone who has square-shaped green tabs they want to make something with. Her colors would be reversed with the silver clover green. I don't have those tabs, which work better in the center. (Sure wonder what they come from).

I probably won't be posting again before the holiday is upon us, so have fun on St. Patrick's Day! Don't drink too much GREEN beer!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Steampunk Corset Reworked

So sorry to have taken so long to post about this steampunk tabistry corset's updates. I've worn it several times since finishing it. I have no excuse for not sharing it, except that I was still tweaking the outfit that goes with it. But, the important part is I'm getting to it now, right?

I've made many changes since the last post here. For one, I adjusted the fit in the front. The unberbust part was too high. It still could be a hair lower, I think. :) I also changed out the front laces for metal belt pieces to appear more like a busk look. I found some pleather purse straps to use as shoulder straps. And, for purely aesthetic interest, I added leather buckled straps to the sides, gold buttons and some brown trim all around the edges for a more finished look.

All in all, I think it turned out pretty nice. And, the nail polish painted tabs that I mentioned in the first post are holding up splendidly. I will probably be using the paint again on other pieces.

You can read more about the rest of the outfit I'm wearing at my general craft blog here. I have other tabistry projects planned for the near future. So, you should be hearing from me again here when I get to weaving. In the meantime, have a can-TAB-ulous time!