Monday, May 18, 2009

Turkish Vest Revisited

Not much new to show just yet. Except for the belt I finally got around to finishing up. I also took some pics of various stages while trying to accessorize my Turkish-style vest adding some more doodads here and there. I was experimenting with my makeup, as well. Not used to wearing so much. It felt really strange. I'm wearing just about every piece of silver-toned jewelry things I own in the first pic! :)

Tabistry Turkish-style Vest and Belt

soda can tab turkish vest and belt

I had some chain I managed to put together from junk jewelry scraps. So, I added it around the belt, on the vest at the center back to replace the yarn ties, and on the front edges.

First Attempt:
Tabistry Turkish Vest in red and black

Second Attempt:
Tabistry Turkish-style Vest and belt

Third Attempt:
Tabistry Turkis-style Vest and belt

I ended up wearing the red top in the first pic with the grayish skirt, black over skirt and red scarf from the last pic. My mom wore her pirate hat and waist cincher.

Guess my daughter decided to wear her clown face. ;)
Mom, Jeudi and me at Scarby '09

I made an attempt to remove it. LOL
Jeudi and me at Scarby '09

Grandma lookin' Piratey
Mom at Scarby '09

I'm really close to finished on the underbust/cupped corset. Just the last 2 panels to weave and I should have something to show.