Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hair Accessories for Halloween

While making my first purse posted just before this, I came up with this idea to make hair holders purely by accident. So, I've decided to try to make some to put in my store. I have experimented with two different styles. The "infinity" style with streaming ends shown here:

tabistry hair holder infinity

tabistry hair holder infinity
The ends aren't really finished, yet. I'm debating to add beads and other things to the ends.

And, the plain flat one here:
tabistry hair holder

tabistry hair holder

I may also lengthen the idea into tie-on headbands, as well. Since Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, they're woven with black and orange t-shirt fabric. I may add some charms or ribbon to the the bottom edge.

They are secured in the hair with a chopstick. Now that I think about it, if I had used "plarn" (plastic bag yarn) these could easily be made out of discarded chinese take-out trash. Now, what would I use the pesky styrofoam or cardboard boxes for? Hmmm... Guess I could store my hair accessories in them. :)

Thanks for stopping by. Until next post, have a CAN-tastic time!


  1. Oh, I really like the infinity style. I think they would also be very lovely with silver bells on the tail. But then again, I love ANYTHING that jingles and makes people look in my direction. :)

  2. Bells would be a wonderful idea! Thanks so much, Jaenelle! You're brilliant!!

    I do have plenty of them left from when I was making my BD outfits. I would have to agree that jingling is a great for attracting attention. :)

    Thanks, again,