Monday, May 17, 2010

Tabistry Tribal Headband

I finally made time to finish a tribal-inspired headband! I've just adore the headbands tribal fusion dancers wear with the large round medallions on the sides. I was thinking one would be perfect to help hide my hair and make a better transition to my bun when wearing hair falls. Plus, I can hang all kinds of dangly bits from it! So, here it is with my black turkish vest outfit at Scarborough Renaissance Festival this past weekend. That's my "mundane" daughter with me above.

Finally got to wear my new tabistry armband and horseshoe nail necklace, too. The "tika" on my forehead is also new (to me). Made it from an anklet I picked up at the flea market. Only wish I had poofed up my bangs a bit in the front or pulled a section over to one side. I think it looks a wee too tightly pulled back.

Here another view of the armband while I was putting the last minute accessories on at the car. We had a great time at Scarby this year. Great company and couldn't ask for better weather.

I'll be putting a quick tutorial up at my crafting blog on how I made some really simple artificial hair flowers that I'm wearing with my garb with just buttons and hair pins. No messy hot glue.

As usual, have a can-TAB-ulous time!


  1. Hi, I love your work. I was wondering if you mind me linking to your site from my blog?

  2. Hi Sarah Jane. I'd be honored! :)

    Thanks for asking,

  3. Love this!! Would pay for instructions/pattern/tutorial on how to make this. Any chance you might put one together?

    1. Hi, Helen! Thanks for stopping in. I'm trying to get more tutorial/patterns finished. Hopefully I'll have some up before next year. I'll try to make this one one of them.