Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Can Tab Daisy Basket, or Bowl, for Spring

I was working on a tutorial for making the small pink flower basket I posted about a couple years ago, when I decided to make another one.  But, I wanted to try some new things with this one.

This one is larger with 12 petals instead of only 6.  I also opted to leave off the handle, so it's more of a bowl than a basket.  I was experimenting with the shape of the petals, too.  I closed the openings in the tips off this time.  And, the front row of 6 are slightly wider than the back row.

Though I could easily add a handle, I kinda liked it without.  It should be perfect for putting dyed Easter eggs in, but I may use something like this to put loose tabs and material for working, especially when I'm teaching others.

The two rows of petals overlap due to the way they are woven together.  And, the natural tendency for the tab weave to curl creates the nice flared bloom.

When I was turning it over for the pics, I noticed it kinda looks like a tree stump, huh?  It even has the appearance of rings where the rows of tabs are woven together.  This might make a cute pedestal for other items.

The daughter likes it turned inside out.  When I was tying off the ends, she said it looked like a lotus blossom.  Guess it kinda does.  Maybe with another row around the bottom.

I'm working on getting the tutorials done for the top hats and at least one basket tutorial.  But, I've got another big costume project to share very soon.  It's going to include a new design for a corset.  Can't wait to get pics ready of that!  Until then, be Can-TAB-ulous!

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