Monday, October 26, 2009

Jessica's Warrior Outfits

I'd like to share another amazing tabistry project sent to me by Jessica.

She sent the pics with the following description:

"I came across your website and wanted to share my tab art with you! My boyfriend and I made his shirt by gluing the tabs onto the shirt. We made it for halloween and was supposed to look like chainmail. I decided a year later that I would make my own outfit for Halloween. I went a different route and decided to weave it rather than the terrible hot glue. I am entering in a costume contest this Thursday, hopefully I win! I love all of the things that you have made from tabs and it has inspired me to keep working with the tabs! Thanks!" - Jessica

She did a fantastic job on the top and skirt! And, those gauntlets, or arm bracers, are a perfect addition. Also note the sheath on her sword and shield she is holding that is also covered in tabs and bottlecaps. Such a great outfit! I'm rooting for her to win top prize for all her hard work. It really brightens my day to see such unique and wonderful items inspired by my own work.

Now, go forth and slay more aluminum beasties!!


  1. that is wonderful. I like the shield too! Looks like pop tabs and bottle caps! I like the effect, love the outfit. I wonder what is next, a pop tab coif or bishop's mantle for her boyfriend maybe? :)

  2. It's great! Isn't it? All the accessories make it that much cooler. She is kinda outdoing her boyfriend just a little bit this year. ;)

    One of the next artists I'll be featuring here made an awesome coif based on my hat pattern! Just want to get an OK to post it, first.


  3. whoa. That is amazing. Heck, I'm even jealous. And that kirt is WAY cute.