Saturday, May 11, 2013

Corset Pattern Finally Available!

I know I've been promising a corset tutorial for a really, REALLY long time.  I feel bad making those who have requested it wait so long.  I just want them to be as clear as I can get them, so there isn't any frustration.  Well, good news!  I've got one finally available on Etsy!

This is the pattern for my Gusseted Corset.  It is much simpler to fit/alter than the other paneled ones.  Besides being a wee more complicate to weave, it really is easier to get a good fit.  Just know that it will set you back about 2000 tabs.  That's close to a half of a gallon worth.

I'm so happy that Etsy is now offering "Instant Digital Downloads". No more waiting for me to setup and send file links after transaction. You ge the files as soon as payment is complete. So, that means I also won't have to watch my inbox 24/7. Though, I probably will anyway. :)  So, anyone who tries the instant dl, let me know how your experience goes.  If I need to switch it back to manual, I'm happy to do so.  YOu can find the corset pattern at :

I do still plan to make the paneled corset patterns available to those who want them, but I'm still fussing with the alteration instructions.  I also have plans for including a pattern for a simple waist cincher.  Look for that to be available soon.  (And, this time I MEAN very soon.)  :)