Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Crown for a King (with a twist)

Made a couple new hats for a fundraiser event we were supposed to attend this past weekend.  Unfortunately, I didn't feel well the night of the event and didn't make it.  :(

But here is the first of the two hats.  It's a king's crown.

I experimented with a few new things.  I used inexpensive gift wrap ribbon to weave these.  It is fairly strong and doesn't stretch, so it makes a very rigid piece, but it frays and splits easy.  I doubled the 3/4" wide ribbon over to make it even stronger.

In the end I added a wire frame around the base on the inside to make the crown keep it's flared shape better and make it feel more like an inflexible metal crown.  I used matching metallic gold fabric glue to add a large acrylic gem on the top.  There are smaller gems attached to the tabs on the sides like I did for my "crownlace".

However, when I had finished assembling the parts, I noticed that I was able to twist the top around.

  I thought that was kinda neat.  And, it inspired the design of the hat I will post next.

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  1. Any chance you'd make a tutorial for this? I would love to make one for my boyfriend!