Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My New Pirate Hat

Hmmm...Now, where did I bury that treasure? :)

For Scarborough Ren Faire's Pirate Weekend, I wanted to whip up a new pirate hat. All this time has gone by, and I hadn't made myself one, yet. Finally, I got it somewhat wearable just minutes before we headed out.

Though, I didn't have the trim finished til just yesterday. Now, I need some feathers and other decorations to top it off. Can't decided what color the feathers should be. I'm thinking red to go with my corset. The flat cap that I originally made to go with the corset just wasn't doing anything for me. :)

I made this hat slightly shallower than my mom's hat that I posted about here. The weight keeps it firmly in place even on a significantly breezy day. I also decided to pin up the back on this one, as well. I tried painting some of the tabs black at the tip to reduce the amount of shiny silver showing. I also used some metallic gold shoelaces for the trim.

If you'd like to attempt your own tabistry pirate hat, I provide the pattern for my mom's hat with instructions for constructing hats (including taking measurements) in my POP TOP tutorial with 4 patterns available on A tricorne is basically a wide brimmed sun hat that is pinned up to form three sides.

BTW, this month seems to be brimming with hats. I'll be posting some made-over felt hats and a paper mache one on my general crafting blog ( very soon. The SO has also just finished a red leather top hat. Feel free to come check those out when I get them posted.


  1. all I can say is aye matey, ye be sportin right fyne headgear

  2. Ahoy, Alistrina, me matey!

    Aye, got m'self a grand beauty, me does. Right proud, e'en'f pluderin' wern't nay involved in settin' me 'ands on 'er. :)