Saturday, June 18, 2011

Can Cozy (or is it Koozie?)

Whichever is the correct name, it's supposed to keep your can colder longer, while keeping your hand from getting cold or wet. And, it's one of the items I'm making for Ronald McDonald House Charities' annual McDazzle fundraiser auction located in Kentucky in August.

This was a very simply item. Just a circle-shape for the bottom and a tube for the sides "ladder" joined together. Just for interest, I alternated the blue with gray and white rows.

We tested it. And, it kept a can pretty cold for a while. However, the exposed tabs did get just a wee cool on the hand. Better than bare can, but kinda strange feeling. Might have been better to turn the tabs around so less tab come in contact with the hand. This would give it a more basket-like weave pattern. You can sorta see this in the inside of the pic below.

This is the first item I've managed to finish. I'm also going to be attempting to finish a matching bag and hat. I'm planning for the bag to be able to hold a six-pack of cans. I've got it about half way woven. Then, I'll have to assemble it.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's raining tabs...

...Halleluiah! It's raining tabs... :)

Must apologized for the temporary break from tabistry. We just received a huge stash of tabs from our local recycler. They're the best. We hadn't been in for a while to deposit our cans, but they were continuing to save the tabs that people bring in. We normally only get a zip lock bag or two full every few months or so, but this trip it was something like 8-9 gallons! It's taken some time to clean and sort all of those and get them out of my crafting area. But, with some help, I'm finally back to making some tabistry. I was very please to see a few colored tabs mixed in there, too.

The timing of this couldn't be any better. I have a big tabistry project to complete that I volunteered to do for Ronald McDonald House in Kentucky. I'll be attempting to finish a hat, beach bag/lunch box, and a can koozie for their annual auction in a couple months.

In the mean time, if anyone near Texas is in need of some tabs, give me a holler. I think I'll have plenty to spare for a short time.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My New Pirate Hat

Hmmm...Now, where did I bury that treasure? :)

For Scarborough Ren Faire's Pirate Weekend, I wanted to whip up a new pirate hat. All this time has gone by, and I hadn't made myself one, yet. Finally, I got it somewhat wearable just minutes before we headed out.

Though, I didn't have the trim finished til just yesterday. Now, I need some feathers and other decorations to top it off. Can't decided what color the feathers should be. I'm thinking red to go with my corset. The flat cap that I originally made to go with the corset just wasn't doing anything for me. :)

I made this hat slightly shallower than my mom's hat that I posted about here. The weight keeps it firmly in place even on a significantly breezy day. I also decided to pin up the back on this one, as well. I tried painting some of the tabs black at the tip to reduce the amount of shiny silver showing. I also used some metallic gold shoelaces for the trim.

If you'd like to attempt your own tabistry pirate hat, I provide the pattern for my mom's hat with instructions for constructing hats (including taking measurements) in my POP TOP tutorial with 4 patterns available on A tricorne is basically a wide brimmed sun hat that is pinned up to form three sides.

BTW, this month seems to be brimming with hats. I'll be posting some made-over felt hats and a paper mache one on my general crafting blog ( very soon. The SO has also just finished a red leather top hat. Feel free to come check those out when I get them posted.