Saturday, November 28, 2015

Tabistry Tribal Headdress with Hairfalls

Have a couple new projects to share.  First, I started a new, more elaborate, tabistry headdress for my tribal outfit.

The headdress is made in three tabistry parts.  The main wide top part joined to the 2nd narrow strip of tabs that keeps it standing up.  Then, lastly is the one across the forehead.  This last one keeps the headdress from falling back, and a black tie in back keep it from falling forward.  It stays on really well.

Didn't actually need to buy any supplies for this project.  I used leftover fabric strips to weave the tabs with.  Also used yarn scraps and random beads from my broken jewelry stash.  I tried a variety of techniques for wrapping and braiding the yarn.  Most were just added to the fabric strip ends that I left hanging from the tabs.  I did add two of my pistachio hairfalls and a couple artificial flowers that are just hair pinned on to the tabs so that they can be changed out easily.  Also added a large silver flower brooch to the top center.

I want to add some more dangles.  Maybe put some more hairfalls in the back.  Not sure if they should be a completely separate piece, or attached to the headdress.

This was a fun project that didn't take too long and not many tabs.  And, I even found a use for my older headband!  :)

You may remember my old tribal headband I created over five years back.  Since making this one, I added the old one to my belt.  (It's the top band across the top and the round pieces on the sides.)

Up next I plan to share a vest/bodice I made for a close friend.  Then, hopefully I will have made some headway on the top hat tutorial.

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