Monday, November 30, 2015

New Tabistry Bodice/Vest Design - Experiments in Coloring Tabs

For this year of the Texas Renaissance Festival (TRF) I decided to test a design for a future Ghawazee-style coat.  I have started by making this shorter bodice/vest version for a close friend to get the fit right.  It is inspired by Moresca's Khadija Bodice.  I really liked the shoulders of their design.

This one is more complex and tailored than the previous more simple Turkish-style vest I wear.  However, it still has the laces on the front and sides.  I'm hoping to start on the coat version for myself at some point before fall of next year.  I will extend the length down to probably mid calf or slightly shorter.

For her bodice, we chose green, purple and black to match skirts she already had.  I used purple, navy blue and black fabric polar fleece, but the green is a satin ribbon.  The satin really shines with the tabs, but can snag easily which makes weaving go slower.

I did some experimenting with coloring tabs for this one.  (I believe I have mentioned trying oven cleaner to turn the tabs white.  This gives them a surface paint will adhere to better.)  I decided to color the white tabs with marker and seal with clear spray paint.  Though labor intensive, it worked really well.  The color is vibrant and stays on the tabs without scratching or chipping.  I also sprayed some of the tabs with gloss black.


Here's another closer look at the purple and black tabs.  The purple tabs are actually a mixture of pink and violet waterbase marker.  I scribbled it on and blended the color by spraying with water.  To fix the color, I covered the dry tabs with a clear coat spray paint.

I'm please with how it looks and fits on her.  It's nice to be able to have color on the tabs that won't scratch off with normal wear.

We had a blast at TRF this year.  We managed three trips down there.  It's so much fun each time in the faire as well as at the campground where these pics were taken. We seem to always have the best people camping around us.  Such a variety of creativity and talent!  This year we had ample good drummers, a flute/bagpipe player, a mead maker, a face/body painter and more.  The pics were taken while an extremely talented friend, Lauren, was doing some face painting.  She not only paints, but also makes some gorgeous jewelry using glass and other materials.  You can check out some of her work at FUZDcreations.

Probably won't hear much more from me before the end of the year.  Really wanting to have more time to make tabistry.  So many things I still would like to try, especially with corsets.  However, I think my New Year's resolution will be to get more tutorials finished.  Hopefully I will find a way to get them done faster.  Thank you for the patience with me.  Enjoy the Holidays!

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