Sunday, March 25, 2012

We're Keeping Tabs on Our Cans

Over in our facebook Tabistry group we've been doing a bit of research into documenting can tab types and what they come on. This should help us in discussions and trading. When I first started sorting tabs that I got from our recycler and others, I was surprised at all the different shapes, sizes, and color available that I'd never seen before. Just having the tab, it was impossible to know where they came from. So, I put together a chart of the tabs I have come across. And, we're in the process of identifying some of the mystery tabs.

Click the image for a larger view. There are larger individual pics of each tab in the group album here. I tried to group them in a useful way. I'm still working on the coding labels, so they may change in future versions, but we have a good start.

Also, I really want to thank Heather for all her help. She's been identifying many mystery tabs and getting out and taking pics of the cans she finds with interesting tabs. Everyone's contributions are much appreciated.

Come check the group out and keep "tabs" on our progress!

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