Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Great Inspirational Videos!

I've been searching all over the web since I started making tabistry admiring other artist's work. There are sooo many cool ideas out there. Youtube.com is one of my favorite stops for inspriational videos. So , I would like to share some of my favs.

Escama Studios - Fashion show

And, an advertisment for Escama.

Finissimo - CFW Verao 2009 - Cia do Lacre

More purses/bags from previous year.

Novica Artisan Neide Ambrosio at Brazilian TV Show

Another video about Neide Ambrosio's work.

Some incredible recycled Fashions on Programa Tudo É Possível in four parts(In Spanish):

Part 1

I have to admit that some of these design are a bit flamboyant for my tastes, but play close attention at 3:00 for a black dress made from x-ray film and VCR tape, a plastic bottle maille dress at 5:10, and a unique tabistry top at 6:30.

Part 2

Again, some of the outfits are not for me, but there are more wonderful can tabs and the use of other parts of the can at 2:10 and 4:35.

More awesomeness from Programa Tudo É Possível from 03/02/08:

Part 1
Check out the fairy-like skirt at 1:45 made out of plastic bottles and the cd top at 7:30.

Part 2

I was also impressed with the plastic bottlecap dress at 1:40.

Also in Spanish, Crocheted Can Tabs:

An Interview with Brad Taylor, maker of a can tab lounge chair

For those who care to know, here is a video on how aluminum cans are made.

And, I stumbled on this video purely by accident and cracked up:
"Pop Tab Girl" song

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