Sunday, December 19, 2010

Some Holiday Sparkle - Tabistry Style

So, I've been a bad girl and not shared some of my past experiments. Last year while working on the stocking, I made some quick ornaments. I was hoping to take them a little farther before posting about them. But, since I didn't finish them, and another Christmas is passing me by, I thought I'd get them up "as is" and maybe inspire some of you to create some last minute gift ideas for those who have everything. ;)

Who needs to blow tons of money on tree bling, when you can make you own ornies from stuff around the house. At our house, we try to make at least one unique ornament each year. They definitely have more sentimental value this way. My daughter's tissue paper princess dolls, that we made her on her on her 2nd Christmas, are still the first decoration to deck the tree every year. But, it's more fun now that she make's things along with us.

I figured out how to make this star/snowflake? shape when I was working on my cloak shoulders. Sorry for the blurry pic. The flash doesn't like the glimmer of the tabs or metallic shoelace. I can make the points using one continuous material strip (meaning less tying off). If more rows are added over it, you can get a much more drastic scallop edge or even pointer star by repeating the technique at the same location (which is how I achieved the star in the image at the top of this post). That one, which has been filled in with a different material to form a circle, will be a future lid for a gift box.

This ball is about 3 1/4" and was created in two pieces and stitched together. I'm challenging myself to make one even smaller. I think I'd like to make some with a zipper around the middle to put potpourri or other items in. Of course, it needs a prettier loop to hang it, too. :)

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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