Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Up and Running with a Little Change of Plans

I created a discussion group. But, after discussing this with a few others around me, I decided against Yahoo groups mostly due to the inability the post comments on pictures. I've decided that Facebook might be a more common ground for everyone. It also has more useful features and probably more users than many other hosts.

Tabistry Group

Sorry, if any of you don't approve. I may move this to another site or just start another in the distant future, so keep me informed of your opinions as we start this.

Now, start sharing all you fantastic projects and ideas! We now have a place for everyone to share!


  1. Hi Tiffany, I hope you dont mind but I've featured some of your items on my blog today, I've given you full credit for them, all pictures link back here, along with links under the pictures as well.

  2. K, I'm sorry. Just realized I forgot to comeback and reply to your post. Thanks so much for the link! Great article. I'm honored to be listed with such great works.

    Tiffany (milejolie)