Sunday, February 28, 2010

Back from Sherwood Forest Faire

Just got back from a brand new faire near Austin, TX. For opening of it's very first season, Sherwood Forest Faire had a great turn out. It was beautiful there with all the trees. We had a great time.

Just wanted to share the quick tabistry straps I added to my light blue corset. I wove them on the long car ride to faire. Working on a project always makes the time go faster. I really want to get the skirt started for this corset. Hope to someday. :)

Right now, I've got tabistry fairy costumes beating up my brain cells! The daughter and I have decided to make costumes together. So, I've put aside many projects, and we've entered brainstorming mode. She helped me come up with some great ideas and a possible new technique for adding color to the tabistry!


  1. The only idea I had come up with for adding color to the tabs is using an ionizer on it. I saw one for sale online to be used for aluminum chain maille so I am sure it would work for tabs, but if you dont to maille then it might not be worth the money. just a thought. cant wait to see your new creations!

  2. I haven't actually tried the anodizing myself, yet. I'd love to, but scared of the chemicals involved. But, even it can scratch and wear off on edges over time if it is not a thick layer.

    I'm running into the problem of whatever I try to put on aluminum flakes and scratches off. It's practically impervious to everything. However, I think we are on to an idea rather akin to cloisonne. I will post pics of our solution when we get something to show. :)