Thursday, September 10, 2009

POP TOP Tute and Patterns on Etsy

Finally put the POP TOP Tutorial/Patterns up at my Etsy store, which reminds me that I want to say a big THANKS, again to everyone who has purchased the "Tabistry Basics". I'm so happy it has been received so well.

It's been a long time editing these tutorials, but I finally had to stop making excuses and get the hat tutorial up. I'm a bit fussy and can't quit tweaking every little thing. While writing it, I put together a new "bucket" style hat that I will get action pics of as soon as I get it and a matching purse finished. Hope to have the pics taken this weekend. **crosses fingers, knocks on wood, does little dance, etc...**

For now, you'll just have to be content with this one from the tute:

Bucket Hat

Sorry, but it started growing out of my lightbox. I still haven't got the lighting just right, but the images of the construction are much better than my previous attempts.

In other news, I was also inspired to make a couple designs for some hair accessories that I may sell on Etsy, as well. With the way things are going at present, they probably won't be ready until after October, though. We shall see. I've got my garb to get ready for TRF! Speaking of faire (and I do quite often), we'll be at Middlefaire opening weekend on September 19th for their bellydance themed weekend. I think you'll be able to guess what I'm wearing. :)

So many things to make and so little time! Better get back to my tabs.

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