Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Been a Dread-fully Long Time...

... since I've shared a tabistry project.  But, don't fear.  I haven't thrown in the tabs.  Just a little behind sharing projects.  In fact, here is my 2nd attemtp at a full-sized top hat.  My 1st large top hat can be found here and a mini one here

This pic is kinda creepy, huh?  As you'll see, I took the shots on a styrofoam head, so I thought I'd spruce up a couple in photoshop.  :)  

I've been playing with a slightly different tabistry approach this time around.  Instead of weaving the entire crown in one piece, I wove vertical pieces with black fleece that were then joined together with a dark gray fleece.  This actually took somewhat longer, but I like the subtle stripe effect.


Unlike the first top hat, this one is round on top instead of oval-shaped.  I put a bit of flare in the top by making the top larger than the crown and increasing the number of tabs in the top rows of the crown.


The hatband was an old chain belt my sis found 2nd hand for us (Thanks sis!).  The dreads were a last minute add on that were clipped into the inside of the hat using small inexpensive lanyard hooks.  There are a couple of dreads on each hook made with mostly acrylic yarn.  I think I'll make a few more to fill it in more.  Mr. Sam wore it with the dreads around the campground at the Texas Renaissance Festival for Steampunk Invasion on Pirate Weekend.  It was really strange seeing him in long hair.  :)

I'm working on getting some more can/bottle goggles finished, and I'd like to make some other larger projects.  But, wrapping up some unfinished tutorials is going to have to come first, I think.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.